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Our Business
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PT Triguna Internusa Pratama (TIP) via its subsidiary, PT Trimitra Cipta Mandiri (TCM) is a company engaged in the operation and maintenance (O&M) of oil, gas and geothermal facilities, customer oriented, focused on providing the best service through continuous collaboration by prioritizing the best service.
TCM contributes to customers through innovative solutions along the O&M value chain of oil and gas facilities, offering a wide range of services aimed at meeting consumer needs.
In addition, up until 2017, TCM owned gas distribution pipelines in the Cilegon and Bitung areas which were used to distribute gas to power plants as well as to the retail industry in the region. TCM also provided O&M services for gas distribution pipelines in Payo Selincah and Sei Gelam, Jambi.
With technical expertise and knowledge accumulated in the company over the years, TCM provides the best service for the O&M of oil, gas and geothermal facilities.


Payo Selincah, Jambi

Collaboration between TCM and PT Energasindo Heksa Karya in the operation and maintenance of gas pipelines and distribution located in Payo Selincah, Jambi. The distributed gas supply will be used by PLN for power generation, namely PLTG Payo Selincah.
Details :
Pipe Length : 35.5 Km
Pipe Diameter : 12 inches
Capacity : 60 MMSCFD
Pipe Location : Payo Selincah, Jambi

Sei Gelam, Jambi

The collaboration between TCM and PT Energasindo Heksa Karya, which is a continuation of the Payo Selincah pipeline that flows to PLN's power plant, namely PLTG Sei Gelam.
Details :
Pipe Length : 12 Km
Pipe Diameter : 8 inches
Capacity : 32.7 MMSCFD
Pipe Location : Sei Gelam, Jambi



Rokan, Riau

TIP together with PERTAGAS supports the government's program in increasing lifting from the Rokan block which is the backbone (one third) of national crude oil production.
TIP carries out business activities supporting the operation and maintenance of crude oil facilities in the Rokan area, Riau. These service activities include the maintenance of crude oil pipeline rows, with a diameter of 4 inches – 24 inches, along a length of 360 KM.

Gunung Salak, Sukabumi

In collaboration with Star Energy Geothermal Salak, Ltd. for the implementation of operation and maintenance support services at geothermal power plant in the Mount Salak, Sukabumi, West Java. Star Energy Geothermal Salak has 3 turbines with a total installed capacity of 377 MW to meet the electricity needs of Java-Madura-Bali, and this avowed Salak plant to be one of the geothermal plants with the largest electricity production in the world.
This cooperation contract covers routine and non-routine activities for the needs of Operations, Supporting Facilities, Reservoir, Geoscience, Laboratories, Mechanical, Electrical, SHE and Fire Emergency Response. In addition, TIP also performs mechanical, civil and electrical works such as: pipe replacement, inter condenser, rock muffler sparger, scaffolding package, re-painting program, erosion and welding process.
It is an honor for TIP to be able to contribute to Indonesia in the new and renewable energy business through this collaboration.


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